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What RSNA told me about Radiology


RSNA is always a great show to go to - I have been going there since 1992. But this one was a bit more special - it is the 100th year of RSNA - shows the long history of this great medical field.

My business partner and I had planned to spend 2 days at the show, but given how much we had to see, we decided to extend our visit by one more day. So exciting! So much happening! and so much is changing.

Here are some of the major trends that I observed...

  • Technology is still king. There is evolution and improvement everywhere.

  • Value-based and outcome-based medicine is starting to seep into the providers and manufacturers. However, most companies and providers are still not sure how best to approach it. More work is needed here.

  • More and more companies are talking about solutions - either by combining their offerings to address specific clinical needs, or climbing up the value chain by integrating components.

  • IT and Informatics are huge! Workstations are taking center stage in most technical exhibits. Multi-modality and data integration has become absolutely vital to many practices.

  • There are emerging entries from traditional non-healthcare companies, as well as increasing number of non-US manufacturers.

  • Hospital-based healthcare is leading to more patient-centric, primary care oriented healthcare. This trend will continue to evolve.

  • Great to see many small and mid-size vendors and companies in the field. Demonstrates the vitality of the industry.

  • Data and market backed insights are driving good decisions across the field. The demand for market and customer insights is growing stronger.

So glad we were there. Can't wait for 2015!

Gopal Sundaramoorthy -

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