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Are you a visionary?

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I had my eye exam last week, and for some weird reason, it made me think of 'vision' in business. Vision, is a critical quality in business leaders. I have always admired leaders who I saw as visionaries - who somehow were able to see the future better than others. But, based my own leadership evolution, I have developed a slightly different perspective of vision. Although there is that part about seeing the future (there are many who do this well), I believe the more important aspect is the ability to make others see exactly what you are seeing. The ability to influence others to adopt your vision, to make them rally behind the cause you are after, and to stay on this course until you reach the goals. Now when I look back to those whom I admired as visionaries, I realize indeed they were not (just) fortune tellers, but were special leaders with the ability to create a follower-ship based on their vision. Do you have this critical skill?

Thanks and warm regards,

Gopal Sundaramoorthy

Founder & CEO, Grow Beyond LLC

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