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One purpose: To help our clients achieve success & growth beyond what was thought possible! 


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Gopal Sundaramoorthy, Founder & CEO

​Years of experience - now focused on your success!

Grow Beyond, LLC did not happen by accident. It is the result of the long-term vision and dream of Gopal Sundaramoorthy, who serves as the Founder & CEO. As an accomplished industry executive, Gopal brings with him the 23+ years of experience, expertise, leadership, results & passion for creating growth.


Gopal's educational background is strong and deep. He received a Bachelor's degree in Electrical & Communications Engineering, a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. He is also a graduate of GE's famed Crotonville leadership institute, as well as other leadership and executive training at GE and Philips.


Gopal's specialties and passion are healthcare, technology, people development and emerging markets.  His experience was enhanced by his 6 years of living and working in China.


He has served in multiple businesses, countries, and several functions including engineering, product development, marketing, pricing, quality and LEAN. 

Gopal's professional career is strong and diverse, with a unique blend of developed and emerging markets experience. He started in 1991 as a research engineer in academic Radiology - initially at the University of Pennsylvania, and later at the University of Iowa.


In 1995, Gopal was recruited to GE Medical Systems (now GE Healthcare), where he spent 15 years. In 2007, Gopal was promoted to GE executive and sent to China to start a new business focused on global emerging markets and value segment solutions. Gopal served as the business GM, achieving strong results, while building a new team.


The success at GE led to Gopal being recruited to Philips Healthcare in China, where he continued to advance focus on emerging markets and value segment solutions.


Most recently, Gopal was VP of Global Marketing for Philips Healthcare's $2B Advanced Diagnostic Imaging.


Gopal's detailed profile on LinkedIn

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