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Why are we so sloooooooow?

The more I read and observe, this one is starting to bug me big time. I'm talking specifically about the healthcare/medical-devices industry, and the tendency to be amongst the last in adapting to real trends out there. Especially technology. The one on my mind today is "Internet of Things (IoT)" and "Machine to Machine (M2M)" concepts. IoT and M2M have made great strides in the manufacturing and industrial fields already, but, the awareness/impact has been far less in healthcare. With the (strong & increasing) need for diagnostics, remote monitoring, clinical decision support, inter-operability, and outcome-based medicine, it strikes me that healthcare has so much to gain from this technological advancement, and by simply learning from other fields around us. Perhaps it is the long development cycles, or may be regulations, or the risk-aversion that is so in-built in this field? Nonetheless, I would like to see the healthcare companies and providers be on the forefront of this. Do you agree, or is this is just a fad that will go away sooner or later?

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