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Leadership: One style doesn't fit all


Throughout my career, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in different businesses, companies, countries, and functional areas. The biggest thing I have learnt from all this experience is that one leadership style just doesn't work everywhere. For example, when I left GE after 15 years and joined Philips, I had to learn what part of my "GE style" to hold on to, and what I must adapt to my new environment. The organization and culture in Philips simply didn't respond in the same way as GE did. It was quite a struggle at first. It isn't a matter of being judgmental, but rather ensuring I'm setting up for success in the new culture. Quickly, I began to see the amalgamation of the 'good' parts from my past experience combined with my new environment. I have seen some leaders simply jump into a new business or company, and try a 'copy-paste' approach of their leadership style. Doing things the same way, and expecting the same response is not always the smartest or efficient approach. On the other hand, those leaders who stay true to their styles, while adapting to the nuances of the new environment have shown it is possible to create success across different situations. Please take the time to look at your own style/situation to see if you are taking the best from your past and molding it for success in the future.

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