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Are you consistent?

When approaching a problem - say, a business problem - being consistent is an important ingredient. Having a clear problem statement, a strategy and approach, and a consistent execution can often get your problem solved better than keep altering your approach/execution. For example, you may have an exterminator at home spraying every month to keep the summer pests out. Or you have your lawn service cut and maintain your grass on a regular basis. It wouldn't be a good if you keep changing your mind and altering the plan, would it?

This is one reason why I am a big fan of LEAN and the concept of continuous improvement. You set your lofty goals - whether it is quality, or efficiency, or big wins, etc. - but then you must pick a course and keep working on improving it steadily and continuously. There are systematic and well-proven ways to do it. And, there are many tools you can apply to your particular situation.

Keep consistency in your mind. Keep improving continuously. You'll have a good chance of achieving success.

Warm regards,

Gopal Sundaramoorthy

Founder & CEO, Grow Beyond, LLC

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