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So, how about your competition?

Hello everyone,

World Cup soccer is right around the corner in beautiful Brazil. That made me excited, and also got me thinking. Do the best teams, players and coaches ever think about their competition? Do they watch the 'other guys'? Do they prepare against the opponent’s strengths and weakness to create their own opportunities? Of course they do!

This is true not just for soccer, but also in the business world. While it is critical to focus on your game plan, it is equally important to keep an eye for what is going on around you - especially with your competitors. Watching the competition in a well planned way allows to keep your strengths sharp, and enables you to create, refine and speak to your unique value propositions. Furthermore, it may even give you clues of the trends in your marketplace. While paying attention to the competitors, remember to think about the lesser known players. Often, especially in the healthcare fields, your biggest challenge is not necessarily coming from the big players, but the emerging ones. They are typically hungry for new business and growth; they can be more nimble; more cost effective; perhaps more "local". If you aren't careful, they will come in from the far side and take your business away before you can react.

Play your game. Play it well. But keep an eye on the competition. Small or big.

Warm regards,

Gopal Sundaramoorthy

Founder & CEO, Grow Beyond, LLC

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