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How mentorship has shaped my life

Hello everyone -

As I look back to my personal and professional success, the one thing that stands out is the role of mentorship. At times, these were more formal constructs, but often it was less structured, and I even had cases where I didn't realize that I was in a mentor-mentee relationship at that time.

No matter what, the words that have always resonated with me are "I'm never too young to be a mentor, nor too old to be a mentee". I have been fortunate over the years to have had numerous mentors and mentees, something I continue to seek and cherish. It includes family and friends, as well as managers, leaders and colleagues. I must say each of these relationships - whether formal or not - have been truly rewarding to me. Much of my personal and professional growth and success have been shaped by these relationships - either directly, or indirectly.

Clearly, it is easy to experience learning when I am the mentee. But, I have also grown a lot by being a mentor. I realized early on that the more I tried to explain something to someone, the more I learnt about that topic, or even myself. I know there are always others that can benefit from experience, and there are many that I can learn from.

I am not exaggerating when I say I am very passionate about being a mentor, and helping coach others. I hope to continue helping other individuals and businesses grow - may it be leadership traits, specific business/marketing skills, or perhaps in some other way. Regardless, I find it highly rewarding and gratifying to be part of such growth.

Would love to hear comments and feedback.

Warm regards,

Gopal Sundaramoorthy

Founder & CEO, Grow Beyond, LLC

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