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Going global is not always easy

Hello again,

I took this photo in a vegetable/fruit shop in China when I lived there. It reminded me of the intricacies of going global. Sitting in one place and making assumptions about your market needs isn't a good idea. You see, there are local nuances, language/cultural differences, government or regulatory fences, etc. It is critical to get as local as you can. It isn't that marketers and business people aren't good at what they do. But we all look at the world through our lenses, our experiences and our vision. We make judgments and assumptions. Sometimes we are right, but most of the time we miss the mark.

It is so vital to get deep market and customer insights. Go beneath the surface. Get to the real needs, values and inhibitions.

Of course, this is easier said than done. You may not have the knowledge, experience, feet-on-the-ground, resources to get your answers. If you do try to do by yourself, it may become a long process, become cost prohibitive, and possibly lead to incorrect or incomplete conclusions. Fortunately, there is a lot of knowledge and resources out there to help give you the insights you need. Along with the confidence you are doing the right thing.

Remember, marketing, labeling and branding is important!

Warm regards,

Gopal Sundaramoorthy

Founder & CEO, Grow Beyond, LLC

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